BS in Medicine at Kateb University

Faculty of Medicine at Kateb University (KU) is committed to pioneering public health care and enhancing the quality of remedial services in the society. Equipped with latest resources and highly qualified and experienced faculty, KU hopes to meet the demands in public health services by training professional physicians and providing ground-breaking biomedical research, and by implementing high-standard healthcare plans and services in Afghanistan.

The MD courses at KU are divided into two major departments:

  1. Clinic
  2. Para Clinic

KU is planning to initiate its Pharmacology and Stomatology faculties in the near future.

Student Development Opportunities
Medical Internship at Madantta Hospital, India

Based on an MoU between KU and Madantta Hospital in India, those of KU students who meet a set of internship criteria, finish their MD degree after one-year practical internship training at the Madantta Hospital in India.

During this medical internship training, KU medicine students practice basic hospital works under the supervision of experts from Madantta Hospital.

Practical Studies and Internship Period at Kateb Hospital

KU is equipped with advanced medical labs in both branches: Barchi and Dar-ul Aman, where students are enabled to practice their related experiments. However, to gain the practical knowledge and visual observation cases, such as Eye diseases, they are provided with vocational trips to Kateb Hospital.

Kateb Hospital also provides various internship programs for medicine students from KU.

Research Opportunities

KU’s Medical Research Center (KMRC) has recently being initiated with an aim to support its faculty and research department. Animal House and Medical Labs are parts of the facilities of KMRC.

Through KMRC, medicine faculty members of KU are also provided small-scaled research grants for implementing their research projects.

Kateb International Medical Congress

KU held its International Medical Congress on October 4, 2018 where 50 research papers were presented. The congress was based on research abstracts presented on different topics regarding Microbiology and infectious disease and Advanced diagnostic laboratory techniques.

Career Path

A Medicine graduate can:

  1. Become a physician
  2. Get employed in clinics
  3. Run a private hospital or clinic
  4. Continue postgraduate studies

KU offers BS degree in Medicine upon completion of six years – two semesters per academic year. The duration of each semester is 16 weeks. Every session is covered in 50 minutes and each practical session is conducted for 100 minutes. Students study a total of 207 credits and every stage year is for 50 weeks.

There are three periods in a medicine program as follows:

  1. Para clinic Period (2 years, 4 Semesters)
  2. Clinic Period (3 years, 6 Semesters)
  3. Stage Period (1 year, 2 Semesters)
Tuition Fees Structure:

Predetermined Fees: AFN 14,400

Tuition Fees Per Credit Hour: AFN 1,700

Predetermined Fees: AFN 14,400

Tuition Fees Per Credit Hour:  AFN 1,700

Fee per Semester: AFN 50,000

Total Annual Fee: AFN 100,000

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