The report on the cooperation of the School of Medicine with hospitals and other domestic educational centers 2019

Kateb University, in addition to launching Feyz Mohammad Kateb Hospital, has signed a memorandum of cooperation ‌with 15 reputable private hospitals in order to lay the groundwork for practical training and internship of the students, provide standard medical and diagnostic services, develop medical knowledge, assist patients and the needy, and contribute effectively to community building.

Based on the above-mentioned memorandums, the Faculty of Medicine has offered training to 1024 students at fifth to the tenth semesters for 2 academic semesters and to 75 students in order to complete their internship period for one year, under the direct supervision of hospital specialists and doctors at Kateb University in various fields such as geriatrics, pediatrics, obstetrics, infectious diseases, general surgery, pediatric surgery, neurosurgery, otorhinolaryngology (ear, nose and throat surgery, ENT), orthopedics, dermatology and urology so that they can present therapeutic services to patients and the poor across Kabul.

34 specialists at the School of Medicine, periodically and based on a fixed schedule, provide medical, diagnostic and counseling services to patients and the needy, hold scientific conferences and reporting sessions as well as medical discussions about various diseases, which have played a pivotal role in strengthening the country’s health system and aiding patients.

The hospitals that have signed agreement with Katib University School of Medicine are as follows:

1- Alami Clinic

2- Vatan Hospital

3- Bahar Sehat Specialized Hospital

4- Mellat Specialized Hospital

5- Hakim Nasser Khosrow Balkhi Hospital

6- Ghazneh City Dermatology Hospital

7- City Medical Complex Hospital

8- Zeytoon Specialized Dermatology Hospital

9- Karimi Medical Complex Hospital

10- Darman Hospital

11- Professor Siavash Hospital

12- Kowsar Hospital

13- Mohammad Fouad Pirzad Hospital

14- Alami Hospital

15- Global Hospital



List of medical students sent to hospitals for internship in 2019

No Hospital No. of students No. of doctors
1 Alami Clinic 65 2
2 Vatan Hospital 259 3
3 Bahar Sehat Specialized Hospital 20 2
4 Mellat Specialized Hospital 22 2
5 Hakim Nasser Khosrow Balkhi Hospital 139 3
6 Ghazneh City Dermatology Hospital 54 2
7 City Medical Complex Hospital 94 3
8 Zeytoon specialized dermatology hospital 32 2
9 Karimi Medical Complex Hospital 53 2
10 Darman hospital 22 2
11 Professor Siavash Hospital 8 2
12 Kowsar Hospital 24 2
13 Mohammad Fouad Pirzad Hospital 64 2
14 Alami Hospital 146 3
15 Global Hospital 22 2
Total 1024 34


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