Introduction to the Faculty

In order to improve public health and increase the quality of remedial services which are of the country’s fundamental needs, Faculty of Medicine at Kateb University was established in 2011. The faculty takes all the effort to train its students at the highest level, according to international standards. In so doing, the faculty has employed the most skilled, experienced instructors with masters’ and PhD degrees, from (outside) Afghanistan. Members of the Advisory-Academic Board at the faculty are prominent academic medical scholars inside and outside their country. Using the most modern teaching methods, based on the teaching methods at top universities in the world as well as using the latest equipment and facilities and well-equipped laboratories, library, good atmosphere and excellent facilities are only part of the medical faculty. It is hoped that by training skilled physicians, we would meet the needs of the public health services and implement health care plans in our country, Afghanistan, a big step forward.

Medicine at Kateb University

The Faculty only has only one academic major, medicine. It also seeks to initiate two other faculties in the near future, pharmacology, and stomatology.

There are five departments which are as follows:

  1. Department of Internal Medicine (Internal Medicine, Pharmacology, Public Health, Clinical Skills, Microbiology, parasitology, and Midwifery)
  2. Department of Surgery (Surgery, Radiology, Orthopedics, Anesthesia)
  3. Department of Biochemistry ( Chemistry, Biology, Genetics, Biophysics)
  4. Department of Pathology ( Pathology, Physiology, Embryology, Histology, Anatomy)
  5. Department of Language and Islamic Studies ( Islamic Studies, English, Terminology, Computer)

Program Outcomes

According to the laws and regulations stated by the Ministry of Higher Education, students graduated from private universities or institute of higher education benefit from the same privileges as students who graduate from public universities. They can choose to

  1. Become a physician
  2. Get employed in clinics
  3. Open a private office hospital or clinic
  4. Continue their studies in postgraduate levels

Education System

Students at the Medicine Faculty study for a total of 6 years. There are two semesters in an academic year and the durations of each semester is for 16 weeks. Every session is covered in 50 minutes and each practical session is conducted for 100 minutes. Students study a total of 207 credits and every stage year is for 50 weeks.

Stage Year Subjects

Number Subject Duration
1 Surgery 8 week
2 Ophthalmology 2 week
3 ENT 2 week
4 Genecology 4 week
5 Elective 4 week
6 Medicine 8 week
7 Pediatric 4 week
8 Infection .D+ TB 4 week
9 Dermatology 2 week
10 Elective 2 week
11 Public Health 4 week
12 Forensic .M 2 week
13 Physiotherapy 2 week
14 Elective 2 week

Fee Chart
Barchi and Main Branch
Faculty Fixed Fee Fee Per Credit  Total No. of Credits اصل فیس Discount Percentage  Discount Amount Total Fees to be Paid Total Annual Fee
Medicine AFN 14,400 AFN 1,700 18 AFN 45,000 0% AFN 0 AFN 45,000 AFN 90,000



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